Saturday, November 17, 2007


The kids have never really asked about marriage before.

I know some of my friends have talked to their kids about it, but the subject has never come up with us, and I don't bring anything up at this point that I don't have to.

Setting the Scene:

We are getting in the car after picking up ice cream to make sundaes before bed. Maxman, Hops & Barley and I are planning on having a perfect ending to a wonderful party of a day.

We're driving home and the word "wife" was used (the following is paraphrased of course):

"What is a wife?" Maxman asks.

"I am daddy's wife and he is my husband and we are married." I say. "When two people love each other they have a wedding and get married."

"Is there a party and dancing?" Max asks.

"Um, of course." I say.

"And is there cake?" Hops & Barley pipes up.

"Yep! There is cake and dancing and a party and you exchange rings."

Maxman then decided that he would like to get married and that he will marry his best girlfriend A. Banana.

Hops & Barley decided that she too would like to get married and will marry her best girlfriend D. Doo.

"I will be D. Doo's wife, and D. Doo will be my wife." Hops & Barley says.

Then they started chatting about marrying more than one person.

I explained to them that you can't marry more than one person at a time, but that when some married people fight a lot they can get very sad and some of them get something called a divorce.

Maxman assures me that he and A. Banana will not be getting a divorce because they will not ever fight because they will not have any swords.


  1. TOO CUTE! Max found out our secret of 35 years married. NO SWORDS!

  2. gotta think more about this marriage thing... party... cake... hmmm really gotta get on that someday!

  3. p.s. I'm surprised to see that Marley is wearing a coat in all of these pictures!