Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Grocery Cart Chronicles

At the grocery store.

Trying to pack the groceries and get out of the way.

Told the kids to put their hands on the cart so they would stop pressing the button that makes the conveyor belt go and piles our groceries up on top of each other.

Turn around to finish packing and hear a huge crash.

Hear all customers in line and cashier GASP.

Turn back around and Hops & Barley is PINNED under the cart (one heavy bag of groceries is already in cart).

Kids have done what I asked and held on to the cart, then took it a step further when they both climbed up on the same side of grocery cart.

Heroically lift cart of H&B's legs (okay it wasn't that heavy but it felt heroic).

Hug her like crazy and check to make sure nothing is bleeding, broken, crushed, etc...Make her wiggle her legs. She tells me she's okay.

Finish packing groceries quite calmly.

Give very long lecture on what you are NOT allowed to do with the grocery cart.


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  1. Cindy1:41 PM

    I have always thought of you as a "Super Mom" your secret is out!!