Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why Don't They Get Hot?

I just checked and it is 40 degrees in the city right now. They keep promising thunderstorms, but there aren't any clouds and I think the weather people better be damn sure what they are promising or there will be consequences!

I am sitting here very still (except for my fingers of course which are typing)in front of a fan trying very hard not to move. I am sweating profusely. Dripping sweat. It's just rolling off my whole body. It's horrible. I am in my own personal hell right now.

Then there's the kids. They have been running around all day in the sun, out of the sun - doesn't matter. They were just wrestling on the leather couch and giggling the whole time. Then they wanted to touch me. Do they not understand how hot it is!!!!! What is it with little kids? Why can't I be more like them.

I am grouchy, hot and sweaty - and it better rain soon or else.


  1. I've been wondering what you've been doing haven't met online since before the party how did it go?

  2. I can not imagine 40+. We were down to + 9 last night. Everyone in Manitoba except for me is hoping for hotter weather but not your kind of Ottawa hot.

  3. I love how you end this posting with '..or else'. :P
    I can't imagine the heat, especially right now. It's crazy un-summery here! We're hoping for at least dry-ish weather tomorrow cuz we're heading out on a scouting ride for a marathon race our club hosts in the fall.