Monday, June 11, 2007

A Normal Day In Our House

Kids get up at 6am-ish.

JEM gets up for work and feeds the animals (Maxman and Hops&Barley).

JEM tells me he has to leave for work and I roll out of bed.

H&B greets me with shoes in her hands and says we must go for a walk.

"Later," I say. "I must eat breakfast."

Before eating I decide the mound of dishes should be done.

While washing the dishes I notice H&B rooting around for a different pair of shoes. She sometimes changes her shoes five times in half an hour.

After rooting around, I hear H&B fall down ALL the basement stairs.

I run to the top of the stairs and she's lying at the bottom on her back crying, a runner clutched in each hand.

I tear to the bottom of the stairs and kiss her head asking if she's okay. I'm trying to decide whether I should move her. I'm trying not to cry.

H&B says, "I okay. I get up now." She takes her shoes and runs off.

I sit on the floor for a second marvelling at a) how tough she is, b)how lucky I am she's not hurt, c)that I still need to finish the dishes.

I go upstairs, pick up the cutlery I dropped on the floor in my mad dash for the stairs and finish the dishes.

That was before 7:30am.

Now we go to the beach. Have I mentioned that the beach is a half hour walk from our house - yippee!!!

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  1. wow-that was very well written and i got a huge laugh out of your reaction to her getting up and running away on you with her runners in her hands!! Man, they are resiliant aren't they? You sound like a super mom darce!!