Sunday, March 04, 2007

Piles and Piles

The kiddlings were in their room for quiet time the other day (Hops & Barley was put in there, Maxman asked to go with her).

That day, quiet time consisted of taking every single thing they could carry and dumping it on the other side of the gate - including every book on the bookshelf and their sheets.

JEM briefly tried to talk them out of it, but their giggly little faces soon persuaded him that it was too much fun to stop. I told him shortly after that they often do this in the afternoons and I let them b/c it keeps them happy so I can eat lunch quietly and this, of course, makes it okay.

Note: they cleaned everything up with a little bit of help after. They had to b/c they couldn't get over the pile of stuff to get out of their room otherwise.


  1. Nice work Max and Marley!
    Way back when I first got Bear-dog (10mo old large puppy) I left him alone in my bedroom for about 30 minutes. When I returned everything portable in the room was piled up on the bed! books, hairdrier, socks, his bowl, all of it. I wondered what kind of survival instinct this was?!

  2. Kristenn I guess that means Max and Marley are related to Bear.