Friday, February 09, 2007

One Step Closer

Had a home inspection today. It went well. No big surprises and other than the horrible electrical situation, we can deal with it all. The previous owners have agreed to replace the dangerous knob & tube wiring before possession date (April 11th).

For those who haven't already guessed - we bought a house. It all happened very quickly.

We got pre-approved on Saturday, met with an agent the following Thursday, saw houses on Sunday and bid on the one we wanted Monday. We finalized on Tuesday.

It was all very smooth and almost painless (mortgage payments aren't pain free after all).

We picked it because it is the best location for us. It's 1 kilometre from JEM's work, 500m from the school the kids will attend and right where we want to be. Doesn't hurt that the lovely JL and her family live on the next street over. It's got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fireplace, a front porch, a back deck and two garages. The basement is finished and it's perfect for us right now. There is also room to put on an addition someday.

That's our very exciting news for now. We'll see what happens when the snow melts and we can see the yard.

p.s. JL - I haven't started stalking it yet, but think this might start happening soon.


  1. am so excited for you it is a beautiful house.
    love mom

  2. Congrats on the new HOUSE. That's exciting.