Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy My Birthday To You

Have had a great 33rd so far.

JEM threw me a party yesterday. We had cake, a sign and special plates and napkins the kids picked out.

Friends came over and brought special treats.

We had pancakes and sausages for breakfast and are now playing.

There were many lovely messages waiting for me when I logged on to my e-mail this morning. My favourite has to be kc-gus saying "Brrrrrr."

JEM gave me the most perfect birthday gift. It is perfect b/c it is exactly what I was going to go out and buy for myself with birthday money from my parents. He topped it all off with a Petzl lamp (this is so I can ski in the dark, but mostly so I can read in bed and not keep him awake with the light).

Ultimate highlight of my birthday so far has to be when my friend's 2.5-year-old son (we'll call him gg) bit into a grape tomato at my party yesterday.

Poor gg thought the beautiful red tomato (that was shaped like a grape) really was a grape. He bit in to it expecting it to taste like a perfect sweet red grape and it didn't! The look on his face is something you wish you had on video. The poor kid. The "grape" tomato came back out of his mouth as fast as he could get it out.

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  1. Nice PINK bag I like it. Is Max's head as big as yours? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!