Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fine Motor Skills

Hops & Barley loves to "do drawing" (as she says).

She is very good at it (both the kids are of course since all kids are good at art).

Hops & Barley however has some serious fine motor skills for someone who is 21 months old.

She is very, very intense about what she is doing and prefers pens to other types of drawing tools. She will also tell me which colour pen she wants at the time. Often it's the red one, but sometimes she mixes it up and chooses green. She also likes fine tip markers, none of those fat tip, washable Crayolas for her.

She holds the pen better that I do and gets her head right down close to the paper. She makes fine little pen drawings - lines, swirls, dots, etc... She'll pop her head up, look at what she's done and then add something else to her design.

I cannot emphasize enough how specific she is about these drawings. Wish I knew what she was thinking while creating.

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