Sunday, November 19, 2006

When it Rains....

It has been raining here since forever. Not West Coast-type downpours, but it's rained for the last two months straight.

Last week was brutal. JEM went out of town for the weekend, and Hops & Barley got the stomach flu in the middle of the first night. You know you're a parent when you eagerly offer up your (sadly inadequate) cupped hand for your daughter to puke in in the dark in her bedroom. Life can be pretty darn gross.

Hops & Barley barfed all night long. This sucks, is what I was thinking.

Sunday rolls around and Maxman is starting to look a little off. that a rash on his face? Yes it was, and on his back and on his chest and there was the fever on top of it all.

We went to the doctor the next day. He diagnosed it as scarlatina. It's an offshoot of Scarlet Fever caused by Strep Throat stuff, etc....Got the antibiotics and went home.

Maxman wakes up in the middle of that night puking. He pukes all night long. He even manages to hit four pillows, the duvet cover, the duvet, the sheet and the mattress pad on our bed.

I did laundry all week long.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. I hadn't been feeling well all day. At around 2:30 that afternoon it finally caught me. Blechhhh!

It's taken until Sunday (today) for everything to get back to normal. The laundry alone was killing me. We had to wash all the duvets and duvet covers, sheets and an enormous amount of clothes. Hops & Barley and I went through four outfits each the first night she was sick (Little kids like to snuggle immediately after barfing, regardless of whether their face has been wiped).

Life is Good now. No more vomiting and it hasn't rained in almost 24 hours.

Note: Maxman and I like to wear our slippers. Here we are standing toe to toe.


  1. Sounds like no fun at all, except for the cozy slippers that is.

    I once witnessed a client hold out the same cupped (and very sadly inadequate) hand to catch her little Pug dogs vomitus.

    I've even seen a vet assistant catch a cat urine sample in her (luckily adequate enough) cupped hand!!! above and beyond I tell ya!

    hope all is well now and that you have fun celebrating Grey Cup Sunday (or wait, I think I heard it's Blue Cup Sunday at your house!). :>

    lots of love, Kristenn

  2. All that brings back memories some of which bring Erik and Kristenn's Mom and my parenting into the neglectful category.
    Erik was still in a crib so before Kristenn was born and he was restless in his room. We decided if we did not go in he would fall asleep. We outwaited him alright. When we went in to give him the good morning kiss and hugs he and his crib were covered in vomit much of which was dry already. The aroma was beyond description. Never again did we let him or Kristenn cry themselves to sleep. I have also carried a small amount of parental quilt over our neglectful parenting that night.

    I am glad they are better and you are certainly a first class parent... looking after two wonderful little ones.. THANKS Love AFI