Saturday, November 25, 2006

Soft Tree Addict

Maxman, Hops & Barley and I are currently in love with these soft trees.

We've made nine so far, and Maxman wants to make more. I want to make a whole forest. JEM is not so sure about this.

The pattern and pictures of other people's trees can be found at Little Birds Handmade.

In case any of you were wondering what angels look like:


  1. Trees are fabulous!
    They definately need garnishing. Let the kids at them with red and green markers and glue and sparkles.
    Don't even try and tell me that that beautiful angel had a melt down the other day. Inconceivable!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Keep that picture forever.

  2. Great to help Max and Marley to develop creativity. I am sure they had fun.
    Max seems to live by the motto work hard play hard Except modified a bit to Play Hard Rest Hard.
    Love AFI