Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tomatoes and Leopards and Witches, Oh My

This was the best Halloween ever!!!

We went to the library this morning in full costume (the kids were the best dressed there in my opinion) and Max was an especially big hit. We ran there and I ran in my costume (witch hat, cape, broom sticking out of the jogging stroller, etc...).

Max loved all of it and Hops & Barley loved it b/c Max loved it.

We went trick or treating tonight and Max marched right up to every front door, yelled "Trick or Treat" as loud as he could and knocked three times. Marley was always right beside him and by the end would say "treat" with him.

They just had the biggest grins on their faces the whole time. It was wonderful.

I love, love, love Halloween.

It just gets better and better, b/c tonight the Halloween Fairy comes. For those of you who don't know, the Halloween Fairy comes and takes all the kids' extra candy (they pick their favourite pieces out before bed). She uses the candy for food for the rest of the year. In return she leaves them a small toy. Max was so excited that he collected a bag of candy just for her.

I love, love, love, love Halloween.

Must go now, it's time for the Halloween Fairy to nosh on some quality chocolate bars.

I call this one "RRRRoar!"


  1. This blog posting is the highlight of my halloween!! Soooooo cute.
    I'm glad they had a fabulous time! party on!

  2. A marvellous and wonderful story. Max and Marley look so excited.The pictures are wonderful. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!

    Love AFI

  3. Tooooo cute wish I could have seen them in person