Saturday, October 14, 2006

Brain Growth

Max's brain is growing like crazy - as we hoped it would.

It is very entertaining to be with him all day long and experience first-hand how he is developing and learning. All his friends are the same way, they are all experimenting with words and trying new things.

The latest exchange went something like this:

Me: "Max go to the bathroom/pick up your toys/put on your socks, please." (I can't remember exactly what I wanted him to do.)

Max: Completely ignored me.

Me: "Max go to the bathroom/pick up your toys/put on your socks, please."

Max: Ignored me even more.

Me: "Max, you need to listen to me. You need to be a better listener." (He hears this a lot right now).

Max: He looks at me all exasperated and gives me the following explanation for why he doesn't listen, "Mom, it's just that I have sooo much imagination."

Hmmmmm, hard to argue with that.

Max: 1

Mom: 0

Later that night....

Me: "Max go to bed."

Max: "I don't want to."

Me: "Go to bed now."

Max: "Mom, it's, it's, just that you don't have enough imagination."

He lost this one. The score is now tied.

Marley has more words every day. She just started saying "Piggy" the other day and actually tries to string three or more words together. She says, "Me too" all the time but it comes out sounding like, "mee-new." She spends a lot of her day running after Max, myself or JEM saying "mee-new, mee-new," wanting to do whatever it is we are doing.

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  1. That darn imagination eh?

    ha! He's good.

    Well Darc, you win some you lose some!!

    love, k.