Monday, August 21, 2006

Cleaning is Sooooo Overrated - But You Knew This Already Didn't You Mom?

Don't know what inspired me or took over my brain today, but I decided that I should clean the house this afternoon.

Could be the damn "Green Clean" book I read recently, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, I recruited Max and Hops & Barley to help out (kids come in soooo handy and they can actually clean). We each got a bucket of water, a rag, shared the broom and dustpan and distributed the various parts of the vacuum. Then we scrubbed, dusted, changed sheets, did laundry and even washed the kitchen floor.

You know what I discovered at the end of all this???? It all looked exactly the same as when I started (with the exception of the laundry. I do, in fact, do this on a regular basis. I just put it on my list b/c I thought it sounded good).

Why work that hard cleaning if the thing you clean is going to look the same when you're through. I have been thinking for a while lately that people's "perceived" obsession with cleanliness is simply brainwashing by the advertising companies representing the cleaning product companies. I now know that I am right.

We are going back to our old routine of using baby wipes on everything and putting the buckets, rags and cleaning supplies (all natural - vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda) back where they belong - in the closet.

On a less tidy note, the kids and JEM had a pizza party this weekend while I was off playing in Montreal. They had a blast:


  1. Kristin1:25 PM


    Every party needs a party hat! Great pics. Max and Marley our such little darlings.

    Montreal? That sounds like fun.

  2. I could say that is an indication that your place is always kept clean. When I undertake the same tasks I can certainly see the diference when I am through.I marvel at how you are able to involve M & M. I was gald to hear you had a chance to get to Montreal to watch high class tennis.

  3. Looks like the pizza party was FUN, everyone smiling and looking very excited about the pizza! :>