Tuesday, May 30, 2006

With The Good Comes The Bad


I have this amazing friend who is the mother of two gorgeous little girls. She has been training to run a marathon for...hmmmm...well probably since the last one was born (less than a year ago).

She ran the National Capital Race on Sunday and kicked ass!!!! 3:51!!!! I honestly think it would take me twice that long.

She rocks!!!!


While talking to this same friend this morning, she said she had to go because there was an emergency in her basement.

While playing in her backyard this afternoon she told me what the emergency was.

Are you ready???

Are you sure, because you might not look at your basement toilet the same ever, ever, ever again.

A rat had crawled up their toilet this morning and was running free around their basement.

Nope, not a mouse.

A RAT! And a big one at that. With one of those icky, bald tails and all.

Not a pet rat, not a lab rat, it's a wild rat (are there such things?).


As of 3pm today it was still loose in their basement amid the traps and cyanide (the city brought that over for them).

Moral: You can kick ass at marathoning (Good) but you can still get rats in your basement (Very, Very Bad).

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