Monday, April 10, 2006

People With Expensive Strollers, Etc....Beware

Heard the following story at the playground this morning: (It happened to a friend this past weekend)

Sometime on the weekend there was a knock at the front door. The wife answered and the guy standing there asked if so-and-so was there. She said, "No, you must be looking for the house next door." He says thanks and she shuts the door.

Shortly after this her husband says, "I should go lock up the stroller." He goes out the front door to the porch and the stroller is gone (a double jogging stroller). He looks down the street and the guy who had knocked at their front door is walking away down the street with it! How brazen can people possibly get??? The husband gives chase (in his socks) and eventually the thief gives up and leaves the stroller behind. They then called the police and filed a report.

There is a lot of money invested in strollers these days. Chariots cost upwards of $500 depending on the kind you get. Ours is worth more than $300 new. Around our neighbourhood there are strollers on porches (unlocked) all over the place. It's hard to find a good used double jogging stroller these days (a good quality used Chariot can get 80% of the original selling price), so someone could make some quick easy money re-selling these stolen strollers.

We did lock ours up 50% of the time. This will now become %100.

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