Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If I Threw The Printer At The Wall Would It Be Fixed?

We bought the cheapest printer available about 3 years ago.

Why then was I surprised (and I was surprised) when 2 days ago I turned it on and instead of standing at attention ready to print, it started blinking its BLINKITY BLINKIN lights at me in some sort of printer morse code?

I think it's saying, "I was cheap, cheap, cheap for a reason. Please for the love of everything that's good and right put me out of my misery and don't make me print any more!"

Step #1:
I've pushed the buttons (all two of them) in every possible configuration possible, held them down for various amounts of time and in different order, unplugged it many times and even uninstalled are reinstalled the software.

Step #2:
Will be hurling it at the wall with gusto shortly to see if that works.


  1. Why don't you ask Max which buttons he pushed and he'll tell you how to fix it.

  2. Did hurling it at the wall work? It's funny that you posted this story because just the other night I was considering the same repair process with our printer and it's blinkity blinking, non-printing, what-can-you-expect-the-ink-costs- more-than-me attitude problem!

  3. Norm Mag/ AFI12:41 AM

    I have a spare one, if you have not replaced yours already.