Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Better Ways to Spend Election Money

According to Elections Canada On-Line:

The cost of the 2000 general election, including the partial reimbursement of election expenses to eligible candidates and political parties and the maintenance of the National Register of Electors since the 1997 general election, was $200.6 million.

One can only assume that the 2005/2006 Canadian election will cost more than $200.6 million.

Hmmmm...what good could be done with at least $200.6 million instead of having an election?

How much food could be given to food banks across the country?
How many snowsuits could be donated to snowsuit funds across the country?
How many literacy programs could benefit from this money?
How many books could be bought for libraries across the country?
How many new beds could a small regional hospital offer for the year with this money?
How many kids sports programs could benefit from small $1000 grants?
What before- and after-school programs couldn't use a little extra cash this year?
What about investing the same amount and using just the interest to fund projects like the ones mentioned above and then ya have a whole whack of money in the bank.

What other things could be done with this amount of money?

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